Brief History Of The 2010 Football World Cup In South Africa

2010 was the first time the World Cup in football was held in Africa. South Africa was the host of the tournament, while the Netherlands and Spain were battling it out in the final for the title. Spain won 1-0, after a very late goal by Andres Iniesta in extra time. The matches were played in 10 stadiums, in 9 host cities around the country, with the final being played at the Soccer CiTy stadium in Johannesburg, with 85000 people in the crowd. Spain became the eight nation to win the tournament and the first European nation to win a World Cup hosted outside its home continent.

shutterstock_175410599The sound of the vuvuzela

One thing that stood out from other World Cups over the years, was the introduction of the trumpet-like instrument called the vuvuzela. Combined with well attended arenas, it created quite a wall of sound during the games, giving the tournament a slice of African culture, a signature sound for the 2010 World Cup. The intensity of sounds, rthytms, and colours made sure that you, at any given time, were reminded of on which continent the tournament was played. Are you considering studying a year in South Africa? Check out for some information and inspiration

The African teams’ results

Since playing on your home field is usually a big advantage, many people had high expectations for the African teams – that this would be the year they took it to the next level. The most successful team was Ghana, who lost against Uruguay in the quarter final, after a heartbreaking penalty shots round, after Ghana had missed a penalty right before full time, and Luis Suarez had been sent of for saving a goal with his hand. Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Algeria, Nigeria, and South Africa also played in the tournament, but where knocked out in the group stage.