Must See Landmarks In South Africa

South Africa is the home of savannas, deserts, soaring mountains and many types of plants and animals. Located in the south of the African continent, it is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The country offers a variety of different opportunities for tourists. There are many endangered animals, plants and ancient forests. The people who like wildlife and geography can enjoy many hours of touring around the country. South Africa has many cultural and historical landmarks, that offer knowledge to the tourists and also beauty for the ones who enjoy natural art.

shutterstock_362785676South African attractions

The capital of South Africa – Cape Town, has one of the most famous nightlife scenes in the world. If you are interested in studying in South Africa there are many world class universities and can help you with that. South Africa is famous for its wines and the wine routes, where you can discover the art of wine making. The famous Garden Route is for tourists who enjoy outdoor activities and nature’s beauty. There are many famous beaches that you can visit and have a great day out at the sunny south of the African coast. It is possible to go whale-watching and see the biggest of mammals.

The African heartbeat

Another famous destination for tourists is Johannesburg. The city’s nick name as the “City of God” speak all by itself. It has great opportunities for entertainment, tours and eating out. Kruger National Park is most renowned for nearly 2 000 000 hectares and over 15 ecosystems. Another famous place is the city of Durban. It has great opportunities for those loving water sports such as surfing. It also has a great marine park. The famous Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, has been turned into a monument of the triumph of the human spirit. It’s definitely worth a visit.