Staying Active in South Africa

If you are interested in partaking in some sporting activities during your vacation, you will not be short of options. Horse racing is extremely popular in South Africa and regular racing takes place across the country. There are three main races that take place annually, with the entire country coming to a halt when they begin. The Summer Cup takes place in Johannesburg, Cape Town is home to the J & B Met, while Durban hosts the Vodacom in July.16497688604_8fe5b4f767_b

If you prefer races that are run by humans, two famous marathons are arranged each year. The Comrades Marathon is an exceptionally long race, with a distance of fifty five miles being run by all of the competitors. The race attracts more than thirteen thousand runners from around the world and sees the streets lined with enthusiastic supporters. If you fancy a spot of endurance running while on holiday, this could be just the thing. The second most popular endurance event is the Two Oceans Marathon. This covers a lesser distance of 34 miles and follows an extremely picturesque route that winds along the coastline.

Cycling is an incredibly popular sport and leisure time activity in South Africa, with numerous cycling races being held every year. These races attract top cyclists from all across the world and thousands of supporting spectators. Whether you spend an afternoon cycling through exiting trails and beautiful countryside or train and compete in one of the many races, you will find that cycling is an efficient and popular means of getting about the country.

The Dusi Canoe marathon is a three-day event that usually takes place in January. It requires all participants to have remarkable stamina and strength as it is not only a race in a canoe, but also on land; there are many points in the race when the racers have to hoist the canoe over their shoulders and make a run for it. Over 2,000 people compete for gold in the marathon every year, with the majority of competitors coming from South Africa.