Staying Safe in South Africa

Many people may be put off at the idea of traveling to South Africa because they believe that the country is unsafe. While it is true that the overall crime rate throughout the nation is rather high, generally speaking most people enjoy very safe vacations. However, it is important to take certain precautions, just as you would when visiting any other part of the world.

Crime tends to be highest in large cities such as Cape town and it is best to avoid traveling in unfamiliar parts of the city after dark. Most attacks happen on trains and buses, so tourists who are exploring would be best sticking to taxis. These can be arranged through hotels to make sure that vacationers get a reputable driver and it is always best to make sure you know exactly wherebeach-Table-Mountain-wildlife-travel-beach-Cape-Town-Ann-Gorringe-554880 you want to go in advance and the best route to take.

Those who want to wander off the beaten track a little would do well to hire a tour guide. Local guides need to be registered with the government and provide an excellent service. Not only are tour guides able to uncover some of the best places to visit in the area, but they also provide travelers with a little extra protection.

Many vacationers in South Africa are considered to be rich by the poorer local people, which can make them targets. It is best to avoid carrying around at lot of cash and other valuables and tipping too generously. Valuables should be kept in the hotel safe until they are needed, including passports and other travel documents.

Having said this, most visitors to South Africa do not experience problems and these days the nation is a safe and exciting place for people of all ages and all walks of life to experience to the full.