Your Guide to Cape Town Airport

Most people who travel to South Africa on vacation land at Cape Town Airport. This is one of the largest airports in this part of the world and visitors may be a little ov640px-CTIA-Runwayerwhelmed at first. Here is an overview of what to expect when you arrive:

With an international reputation as the best airport in South Africa, visitors arrive at Cape Town International Airport from numerous locations including all over Europe, Canada and the USA. Some of the many internationally recognized airlines that operate from Cape Town International Airport include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa. For the ultimate convenience, many passengers choose to book cheap car hire in Cape Town airport in advance and collect it from the airport as soon as they arrive.

With a total of five large terminals, getting around Cape Town International Airport could potentially be rather tricky. However, there are plenty of amenable staff on hand to answer questions and all the terminals are within walking distance of each other, making exploring easy. There are companies offering car hire at Cape Town airport located at two of the terminals, with a great range of facilities scattered throughout the airport.

For those with time to spare, exploring Cape Town International Airport can be a fun and interesting experience. The airport has been drastically modernized over the last few years and visitors are now treated to a terrific range of facilities including dining, conference rooms, hotels and, of course, shopping.

When you need to get from the airport into Cape Town, the best option is car rental. Luckily, there are plenty of car rental companies located at the airport, so tracking down cheap car hire is quick and easy. Although there is no public bus service or train service from the airport, it is also possible to take a taxi or use the shuttle bus service.